Steve Anderson

Ellie: Here is a piece of writing by Steve Anderson a close friend of The Grief Series who was instrumental in helping us develop The Crossing in to a real world resource to help people plan end of life celebrations. He wrote this last year and now seems like a nice time to share it. 


The Grief Series is a collection of projects that all stand as individual performances or installations. Each piece of work is immediately impressive and has the potential to be easily accessible. Using everyday items from cup-cakes to OS maps, readily approachable ‘things’ have been used as places to connect with emotions we all have, but might be unfamiliar with looking at. 

Last week I visited a woman who’d been my daughter’s Nursery teacher. She had made rock buns. They brought me to tears, tasting exactly like my mother’s that I’ve not tasted in 25 Years. The emotions brought out collided with the frustration I’ve felt at the poor quality of my relationship with my mam. A more whole picture of that relationship is the result.

The opportunity that The Grief Series has created in all of its work is a chance for people to be inspired in contained, supported spaces, to make connections. How they choose, or are able to see such connections is of course different for everyone. What has been invaluable for me, as a person with terminal illness, is the quality and variety in each artists work. Being told that I am approaching death has made me so much more receptive to life, and rather more forgiving of the events that have brought me where I am. 

The diverse work done by The Grief Series has been enormously helpful to me in normalising the idea of dying. I grow to imagine that the event itself might be quite familiar after all.