26th September 2016

Sylvia Causer - guest blog

I met Sylvia Causer in 2015 when she was studying on her Masters in fine art. She was subsequently part of Wrought Festival as one of the emerging artists and took part in my workshop on one to one performance. I've found it really interesting speaking to someone who integrates a clinical background into their art practice.Reflections on GriefI hear the familiar tone from my phone, a message in my inbox. It's from my best friend. Of late, her messages have become more frequent and filled with raw sadness, frustration and a deep longing as she negotiates the difficult path

15th September 2016

Re-opening The 'trunk'

We've been working on some new photographs which have involved me and Jaye, digging through the Elephant's 'trunk' to find the artifacts that make up some of the experience of The Reservation. This, unsurprisingly, sparked conversations about all the times, and particularly the last time, we performed The Reservation: at Wrought Festival, Sheffield in April 2016.Jaye had some thoughts on that at the time and you can read them on her blog

26th May 2016

Live Art Archives

Tonight I’m presenting work at an immersive experience called Live Art Dining in Leeds. It's sold out but you can find out more hereThe environment is beautiful, witty and ambitious, it’s going to be a real feast for the senses and It’s taken nearly a week to install. And while there is a large and diverse team, it feels notable how many woman-hours have gone in to realise it: from designer Bethany Wells, Chef Jo from The Swine that dines, performances by Joely Fielding, facilitation by long term team grief member Jess Sweet and all of us led by the

15th January 2016

Hands Off My Grief!

Well so far 2016 has been very eventful grief wise both in terms of celebrities, this week alone we’ve lost David Bowie, Alan Rickman and Celine Dion’s husband but also those…what do you call them…..normal people.A few people I know have lost close friends and family in the past few days and I’ve just been taking a minute to imagine how all of this Bowie/Rickman outpouring might be affecting them. It's complex.Despite my well documented scepticism about the whole Princess Diana thing, the one image that really stuck with my 14 year old self was the photographs of the young

2nd November 2015

Dia De Los Muertos

I’ve been thinking about part 7I’ve been thinking about our plans to make part 7 a Dia De Los Meurtos themed 3 day event/wake. I’ve felt clearly from the beginning that this is risky territory because I’m not Mexican and what do I know about Day of the dead apart from what I’ve read in books and on the internet? What gives me the right to use this tradition in my work? But there is a gaping hole in our cultures approach to grief. It is characterised by silence and shame. A two minute silence? Fuck that. What do we

19th March 2014

The Second Residency

Written by Roshana Rubin-MayhewOur second residency (weeks three and four) of What Is Left? was spent in the North West, based in Lancaster…well, in an idyllic cottage in the middle of nowhere: Roeburnscar.Meals around the large table, late nights in front of the wood burning stove, waking up to the sound of the stream, opening my bedroom door onto the patio and gazing out at the lichen covered trees. This place was an utter joy to leave from and come back to. Though I have to admit a part of me did miss Ellie’s (slowly deflating) blow up mattress that

20th February 2014

Generosity & Web Weaving

Roshana, our lovely project manager Kate and I have been on the road working with participants in Yorkshire. We started research for this project over two years ago and so I’ve been looking back at what I wrote about it at its start to see what’s emerged.The residency started with a visit to our first participant Helen. The last time I visited Helen, I had been looking to source some ‘Queens Green’ crockery as a prop. Whilst I had hoped that she might lend me some items (she has one of the largest collections in the UK), I didn’t expect

28th October 2013

Unfinished Histories

Below is a talk I gave as part of Unfinished Histories on the subject of Theatre and Therapy. It is something that I have been thinking about a lot recently and I still have more questions than answers at this stage. You can find out more about Unfinished Histories hereI am EllieI am a womanI am a performance makerI am making a seven part body of work about bereavement called The Grief Series. Each part correlates to a different section of a seven stage Grief Model and for each part I collaborate with a different artist working in a different

16th September 2013

Death Cafe Comes To Leeds

Etiquette of Grief and Death Cafestage@leeds, University of September 2013, 7.30pmLeeds Bereavement Forum and local artist Ellie Harrison have joined forces with stage@leeds at the University of Leeds to present a very special evening of entertainment and discussion around the topics of bereavement and grief.Beginning with a performance of Ellie Harrison's playful and provocative one-woman show Etiquette of Grief, the evening will then move on to a Death Cafe hosted by Ellie and members of the Leeds Bereavement Forum team. Death Cafe is an international movement that encourages individuals and groups to host their own events which offer informal

14th September 2013

All Go

Well it’s been all go at Team Grief. I’ve been mentally spinning plates for the remaining parts of The Grief Series. I’ve been taking walks both solo and with artists Matthew Bellwood, Pauline Mayers, Sally Lemsford and Jamie Fletcher as research for part 5 and 6. Adam Young, Bethany Wells and I have begun to redevelop part 4 under the new title The Unfair. There has been collaborator finding, research and plotting for part 7. And we have our last dates of Etiquette of Grief in Barnsley, Leeds and Glasgow. For now, here is a sneak peek of very early