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The Unfair is an angry funfair

Fun, games and a chance to let off steam for all ages.

There is plenty to be angry about in the world today, but what do we do with our anger and is it useful? Whilst anger can be destructive, can it also be a source of positive change?

The Unfair is a fairground filled with fun, games and a chance to let off steam for the whole family. Play a game of Angry Jenga, or write a note and Bottle It Up – The Unfair reflects on how we express our anger and asks whether change is possible.

There’s no better way to find out than through too much popcorn and an Angry Karaoke sing along.

Sadly, in the Summer of 2017 half of The Unfair was stolen along with the van which contained it. Although the irony stings, we had some brilliant support from a crowdfunding project set up at the time. We are working hard to try and fundraise to rebuild it and cannot wait to see it back in action!


If you are interested in helping us to rebuild The Unfair please contact us



Collaborator Adam Young

Designer Bethany Wells

Theatre and Set Builder Matt Sykes Hooban 

The Unfair was commissioned by Theatre in the Mill and supported by Arts Council England, Bradford Festival and The Junction, Goole and developed from a work in progress entitled The Rage Receptacle in 2013 with Transform Festival

Jonathan Turner 

Images by Jonathan Turner

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