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Ellie Harrison and the Grief Series are often invited to create and collaborate with other artists, academics, researchers and organisations. Here are some of our recent commissions.

What has it truly been like to be bereaved during the COVID-19 pandemic? How have people coped, when infection control restrictions have made saying goodbye difficult or impossible, and expressions of love and companionship from friends, family and community have been disrupted by social distancing?

Drawing on national research exploring experiences of loss and grief during the pandemic, THESE FOUR WALLS is a short film that gives voice to all those who have been bereaved in the UK. Using flat-lay imagery and incorporating real accounts from research participants bereaved during the pandemic, it aims to convey the reality of grieving at this unprecedented time.

THESE FOUR WALLS was a collaboration between Ellie Harrison and Matt Rogers with original music by Jack Sibley. It was commissioned by Dr Lucy Selman, founder of the Good Grief Festival, Dr Emily Harrop, and Marie Curie. It was premiered as part of Dying Matters Week 2022. Check back for details of future screenings.

THESE FOUR WALLS: Grief in the pandemic

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