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A playful and provocative solo show celebrating the freedom of expression, even in our darkest moments 

Etiquette of Grief is a playful and provocative solo show by performer Ellie Harrison, who takes audiences on an irreverent journey and suggests a guide for dealing with both private and public grief in all its gory and glorious manifestations.

In a piece which is both heart-wrenching and heart-warming, Ellie explores the wide-ranging emotions that follow an overwhelming loss and the ways in which grief touches us all, in a distinctive, interactive and powerful performance that includes her on screen alter-ego, in a celebration of our freedom of expression.

This thought-provoking performance asks questions about the nature of public grief, often witnessed when a famous figure dies: does the British ‘stiff upper lip’ help or inhibit how we deal with our emotions, and is there such a thing as a collective identity that effects how we grieve? Ellie takes audiences through the sometimes uncomfortable, but also funny and peculiar, rituals of mourning, offering coping mechanisms, moral support, a little musical accompaniment and even a large splash of port.

Etiquette of Grief has toured internationally including Paris, Prague and Sibiu Festival Romania


Devised and Performed by Ellie Harrison

Film by Matt Tullett

Design by Pav Ghir and Hannah Sibai

Outside Eyes were Matt Rogers and Ollie Smith

Etiquette of Grief was developed with support from Leeds Beckett University and the National Lottery through Arts Council England. It was also supported by Leeds University through the Incubator Fund and the LCCT.

We are no longer touring this piece but we do have a workshop that deals with autobiographical performance making 

Matt Tullet

Delia Spatareanu

Matt Tullet

Delia Spatareanu

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