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A one to one performance-installation made with performance maker Jaye Kearney 

The Reservation is an intimate performance-installation for one person at a time by Ellie Harrison and Jaye Kearney. Designed especially for Hotel rooms, the piece offers visitors the gift of time and the opportunity for reflection and the remembrance of those we love. 

The Reservation was co-commissioned by Theatre in the mill, Bradford; ARC Stockton and Emerge Leeds. Developed with support from The Queen's Hotel, Leeds Beckett University  and the National Lottery through Arts Council England.


Co Devised by Jaye Kearney

Documented by Matt Tullett

Costume by Rachel Good

Facilitated by Jess Sweet, Louise Hill, Leann Young, Sophie Grodin

We are no longer touring this piece but we do have a workshop that deals with intimate performance making 

Matt Tullet

Images by Matt Tullet

"I think we should address the elephant in the room. We’re here to talk to you about death and grieving. ‘Elephants never forget’ but did you know that elephants grieve like people do?

For me, grief is a place and it’s a place a lot like this. People stay here but they don’t live here. They may be here for a short or long time but if they want to move on they might have to pass through a place like this one.  They bring their baggage but sometimes they can’t bring themselves to unpack it so they just live out of their trunks.  But grief is not a linear process and sometimes people need to check back in for a while...

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