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The Crossing is a collection of illustrated resources, designed to help you plan a funeral celebration.

The Crossing is designed to help you think about, talk about and plan an end of life celebration. It might be a celebration for yourself or a loved one. It’s been designed to highlight the wide range of cultural perspectives and traditions about death and what follows.

It is by no means a definitive collection of ideas and traditions. Death brings with it a set of questions that have no definite answers and the responses that we have to it as human creatures are infinitely various. 

In our culture, at this point in time, death is something that we are often reluctant to acknowledge and talking about it when the time comes is often very hard. We hope that The Crossing might in some way make these conversations easier.


Within the box is a printed booklet, which contains a series of questions – things which may or may not need to be thought about in the event of someone’s death. The box also contains a set of illustrated resources that offer potential answers and solutions to these questions. There are booklets, posters, pop-ups, fold-outs and links to online repositories of music, songs and readings. As you rummage through the contents, the booklet can be filled out as a record of the thoughts, ideas and wishes that come to light.


Created and developed by Ellie Harrison and Matthew Bellwood

Illustrations and design by Fergus Dunnett

Additional design by Amy Levene














The Crossing was made possible by Arts Council England, Dying Matters, Leeds Bereavement Forum, Leeds Inspired, Live @LICA, Live Art Bistro, Love Arts, Near Neighbours, Pushing Up Daisies Festival, Sport Relief, Stockton Arc and Theatre In The Mill

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From May 2023 The Crossing will be available to purchase. If you are interested in purchasing The Crossing please visit our Resources page or email

Psst. You can also find blank booklets and a collection of readings you might also find useful on the Resources page free of charge.

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Matt Rogers

If you would like to learn more about how to use The Crossing please see the video below.

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