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Digital Artworks

It is possible to explore a selection of The Grief Series previous projects through this page. Each one has its own instructions to guide you through the experience.



Ellie went on a month-long journey to find out where the memory of the dead lives. Travelling between sites of personal remembrance, we stopped at arts centres, museums, beer gardens and even the occasional service station. 

You can find out more about Ellie's trip in our interactive map


We built the caravan to answer the question: Where do our memories of the dead live?

Is it in sacred spaces like gravestones, or aisle 22 of Tescos? Or even on someone’s Facebook page or Twitter feed?

This digital tour is an opportunity for those who never got the chance to look around our little museum of memories.

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The Reservation was an intimate performance-installation for one person at a time. Designed especially for Hotel rooms, the piece offered visitors the gift of time and the opportunity for reflection and the remembrance of those we love. 
Through this digital tour we hope to recreate part of that experience.

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