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George & Dad.jpg

George and Dad

This is my Dad's bag. 

I chose it cos it was


my Dad always used to have it with him. 

whenever he was with me. So I remember. 

I use it now to put all my music in cos I've nowhere else to put it and a thought it would be better just to use my Dad's bag, instead of it just like staying in the shed in the garden. My French horn music. 

I didn't really know I was going to own it cos erm, I didn't even know where it was until one day I just went down int' t' garden and saw it in the shed right inť back, and I thought I could use it. 

I think the only thing wrong about it is how it's been used so much it's falling to pieces now. Cos erm one sleeve, it's almost come off actually. That's one a bad things about it. 

I think a happy memory I have would be when I went ont' stadium tour at Man City, that was fun. And I've got loadsa pictures of that all around. That would be a good one. That was, erm, I'm tryin to remember now... think it was last April or something? Sometime in the holidays, cos we'd just come back from Hartlepool, which is where my Dad's from. Nobody was playing, it was just a stadium tour. Went up int' directors box and places like that.

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