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Jennifer and Mum

My object is a panda. A really scruffy panda, to be honest. Erm I inherited it from my Grandma, who gave it to me when I last visited her, cos it was my Mum’s.

I’ve got my mum’s book, but it’s like the only object that I actually really like that’s from my Mum . . . cos I really like pandas. A lot.

Sometimes if I’m like unhappy and sometimes I cuddle it and it reminds me of my Mum. But the only dislike about it, it’s a little bit too big. Cos if it was like, probably about . . . 60 centimetres high, it would probably be a little bit easier to handle.

It’s the only object I actually have of my Mum, besides the books, and it’s like the only object my parents have trusted with me cos they don’t really trust me with stuff like this until I’m 18.

I just saw it and I looked at my Grandma, looked at the panda and she said, "Oh go on, have it." So it was really like, funny. I think I must have been about 10 I think, yeah. 


I already liked panda’s then.

We have this like, this photo album of her, and I always think of a picture. It’s like she’s sitting down with her hair cut and like she’s sitting on a white plastic chair and I always think that’s my favourite picture cos it’s the only picture when I can actually see my Mum, full up on the face and like really, really pretty.

I can’t really think of a name for it . . . I could call it after my Mum.

She like, had like really short hair and the panda has really short hair. It’s like messy, kinda.

I don’t think I’d say anything, I just think I’d give her a hug.

Well I use it if I’m ever upset about anything cos it like comforts me. It’s like my Mum’s like, instead of giving the panda a hug, it’s like she’s hugging me. It’s like really like, a really nice warm feeling.

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