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Leeds City Ofrenda 

Who do you want to remember? It could be someone you’ve lost recently or a bereavement from decades ago. It could be an ancestor or someone famous who’s died. We want to celebrate them.

We built a Dia De Los Muertos inspired Ofrenda in the window of CLAY to give the people of Leeds a chance to celebrate those we've loved and lost. In November 2020 members of the public contributed photos and memories of people they wanted to commemorate, from friends and family to inspirational figures like Ruth Bader Ginsberg or Chadwick Boseman. 

What is an Ofrenda?

To celebrate Day of the Dead in Mexico, people build Ofrendas to remember friends, family and people of significance. Ofrendas are brightly coloured displays filled with photographs, flowers, candles, food and significant objects. They are a central part of celebrating those we have loved and lost, from close family to our heroes from music or sport. Ofrendas can be small and simple or big and grand depending on how the people building it want it to look.


This Ofrenda was part of All That Lives, an ongoing collaboration between artists from Zion Studio in Mexico City and The Grief Series in Leeds.

See what it grew into below......


Supported by Leeds 2023


Get in touch if you would like to build an ofrenda in your community

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