Part 7

Part 7 is a Day of The Dead celebration and wake to The Grief Series in collaboration with Live Art Bistro. 

In the lead up to the celebration Ellie is establishing links between artists and communities in Yorkshire and Mexico City. In collaboration with The Faro De Oriente, Mexico City we are building community shrines called Ofrendas. 

To celebrate Day of the Dead in Mexico, people build ‘Ofrendas’ to remember friends, family and people of significance. Ofrendas are brightly coloured displays including tables filled with photographs, flowers, candles, food and significant objects. They are a central part of celebrating those we have loved and lost, from close family to our heroes from music or sport. We have been gifted a ‘mobile ofrenda kit’ hand made by artists at The Faro De Oriente to use with communities in Yorkshire. Through this project we are creating new remembrance rituals in the UK and considering how cultures might mingle to create and aesthetic that is the ‘art baby’ of the two cultures. 

You can check out the part 7 activity here: 

Ofrenda at All Hallows in Leeds on the 28th -4th November

Ofrenda at Jewish Museum in Manchester 5th - 18th November

The exchange project began In Autumn 2017 when Ellie took ateam of six Yorkshire artists to Mexico City to experience Day Of The Dead and form collaborations. We then held an international conference on death and remembrance at Live Art Bistro in Leeds in Spring 2018 with a keynote presentation by Mexican Film Maker Vlady Diaz, Ethnographer Dr. Anni Raw and Ellie Harrison. This initial exchange forms the foundation of our ongoing collaboration with artists in Mexico. You can see all the photographs on our Facebook page.