Bill Roberts


Andrew is a performance artist, actor, collaborator and writer. He has performed at Tate Modern and Tate Liverpool and regularly makes work with …floorspace… for festivals and club spaces. Andrew has presented work at

Andrew is currently studying for an MA in Performance, Culture and Context at the University of Leeds. Andrew is on the organising committee for New Stages Festival 2012.

Andrew trained in collaborative approaches to theatre making at the Universtiy of Leeds (BA (hons) Theatre and Performance) . His work explores the themes of endurance, awkwardness, expectations and relationships. Andrew’s work questions the position and compliance of the audience.

Andrew is artistic co-director of Left at the Theatre, a collective of performers that explore the limitations of the body, of space and of time within performance. With Left at the Theatre Andrew produces events that blur the boundaries between theatre and live art. Andrew also performs with Left at the Theatre.

Andrew is co-director of That Dark Horse with Antonia Beck. We have a shared desire to work as an evolving, interdisciplinary arts collective and create new work in all sorts of different forms and contexts. Everything we make is devised collaboratively and is led by ideas and research. That Dark Horse aims to create engaging work that encourages audiences to see the world in new and unexpected ways and aims to challenge the predetermined concepts surrounding arts and culture. In our work, we explore the relationship between the performer and the audience member and we often make work that is based on discourse and interaction with our audience and/or the general public. We believe that this creates unique and accessible opportunities for communities or individuals to communicate and express themselves.

Andrew regularly writes essays and articles, many of which are uploaded to this page, but some of which are available on, and

In 2009 Left at the Theatre recieved an Incubator grant for development from the University of Leeds

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