14th December 2012

Holding On And Letting Go

Holding on and letting go… and borrowing thingsI am a hoarder. And whilst I am often embarrassed by it, I love to own things and have those things around me. I am currently collaborating with photographer Roshana Rubin-Mayhew. As we work it becomes clear how different my feelings about photographs are to hers. It is about the present moment for her, about the taking of photographs rather than the having them. If she is engaging with something or someone in a particularly meaningful way, taking a photograph adds another dimension to her engagement with it or them at that moment.As…

15th October 2012

On Anger

Bill Roberts: I have been working with Ellie for the last few months researching into all things grief related that have amounted to the project so far. We are currently developing the final phase of part three, What is Left? and beginning to think about phase four, which focuses on anger. There might be punchbags, there might be rap music, there might be heavy metal (in an engineering sense!).Using anger as a starting point we have decided that in depth research into anger management and conflict resolution will be important for the devising process. I have began looking at the…

31st May 2012

On Grief, Time And Old Films

I was listening to a programme on radio 4 and they were talking about romance in the movies. In the 30’s and 40’s every film had a love story and ended with a romantic kiss as the credits roll. The audience had waited two, maybe three hours to see this kiss. But then sex came in to it and once the characters could have sex then romance went out of the window. Why waste valuable screen time with romance when the audience are more interested in where it is going. It resonated with me. And increasingly I feel that the…