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How do we talk about loss and grief

In 2021 Ellie was asked by Bradford Literature Festival to be part of a panel discussing how we talk about loss and grief.

In a world that is hurt and damaged, how do we begin to talk about death and the loss of a loved one? Where are the spaces for talking about grief? watch this intimate conversation about loss and grief in a post-pandemic world. How do we talk about death or the loss of loved ones during an era of separation? Be part of this holistic discussion, where we will ask experts, artists and practitioners why and how they use grief as a source of creativity, and how they channel their grief through creativity and creating spaces for dialogue.

Producers of the Future: From Keighley to Karachi is a ground-breaking international collaboration between Bradford Literature Festival, UK, and Adab Festival in Pakistan, with the aim of developing female talent and leadership in the arts and culture sector.

SPEAKERS: Dr Lucy Selman, Ellie Harrison, Khadijah Ibrahiim

MODERATOR: Lua Bairstow

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