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After the end

I finished the grief series on the 4th November 2023…..except….I didn’t. There was  and emotional hangover to accompany the never ending get out as the team shrank from 15 strong to 2.5. We carried out evaluation with my collaborators and evaluation in my head and the evaluation written down. 

All That Lives generated some really beautiful offers to share the work more widely and more gorgeous audience responses. And people getting tattoos inspired by the project and emergency postings of the Crossing to bereaved friends. And a more fervent desire than ever to work on the documentary with lovely Brett. 

And so whilst I’m definitely not making NEW work about grief, the projects will continue to live, just as the memory of my mum, my brother and my father continue to shape my life and decisions day to day. My mothers memory reminds me to always look up when you go somewhere new and my brothers to add gherkins to a bacon sandwich. I have a continuing bond with the projects and the fifty thousand people who took part. 

And so if you have some grief that wants space, here is where you can find The Grief Series. 

In a new exhibition in Leeds City Museum running from May 3rd until 2025 You can find out more here.

We’re doing a Crossing sessions at Leeds City Museum on Sunday the 12th May from 12-4pm as part of Dying Matters Awareness Week. 

And a death café at Lawrence Batley Theatre on the 18th May. 

I’m giving a talk on the 17th May at University of Essex ‘Contemporary ritual and participatory events around grief and remembrance’. Go here for more details  

The online projects 

The Crossing is available for sale at £50 

We are donating the archive of the Grief Series to the Brotherton Archive which will be available to artists, students and the wider public.  

But as with grief, I am trying to expand my life, to accommodate that work whilst making space for new things. We’re busy plotting future projects, working on Smeaton Creative Labs with a lovely engineer called Alex Torku and the launch of the new Polite Rebellion website so keep your eyes peeled on our socials for announcements. 

Sending warmth as new buds open and the days get longer. 

Ellie x

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