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Catching our breath and a thank you

Wow. It's been almost six weeks since our Unfair was stolen. So much has happened in the world and for Team Grief, it's still a little hard to believe.

We wanted to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone who sent words of support and shared our call out, and give extra big sloppy kisses to all who donated to our Crowdfunder to rebuild what we lost. We've been so overwhelmed by your generosity. Thank you so much.

The last thing we want is to let the theft of The Unfair throw our other projects off schedule. We’re currently full steam ahead on R&D for Part 6 at the moment but we should be able to give you an update on The Unfair in September when the dust has settled. We’re sure you understand that to replace all of the bespoke signage and vintage finds will take time and we still have a bit more fundraising to do. All of your support means so much.

Please bare with us, Ellie and Team Grief x

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