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On Anger

Bill Roberts: I have been working with Ellie for the last few months researching into all things grief related that have amounted to the project so far. We are currently developing the final phase of part three, What is Left? and beginning to think about phase four, which focuses on anger. There might be punchbags, there might be rap music, there might be heavy metal (in an engineering sense!).

Using anger as a starting point we have decided that in depth research into anger management and conflict resolution will be important for the devising process. I have began looking at the Alternative to Violence Project (here on AVP) which strives to help people deal with situations and emotions that involve fear and anger. AVP has a deeper more holistic approach to anger management than some of the more standard techniques, which, I believe to be aligned with the Grief Series ethos. We have interviewed AVP practitioner Cecile Brich, so keep your eyes peeled for updates on this.

In order to contextualise part four of the Grief Series in an artistic and cultural realm, as well as a psychosocial realm, Ellie will be investigating artists and performers that use anger, aggression and violent behaviour as a stimulus for their work.

These are exciting times for Team Grief, and we hope that you will follow the Grief Series journey with us here on this blog, as well as by attending the performances, exhibitions and shows.

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