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Prepping The Unfair

Well we’ve started prep for The Unfair and from the moment I got a whiff of popcorn and saw Bethany cracking open the gloss paint I fell in love with the project all over again. I’m so very lucky to be working with such an amazing team: Bethany Wells, Matt Sykes Hooban, Adam Young and Jess Sweet. Handpainted signs are being polished and tweaked, Tea has been bought from the amazing Teapot Stall in Leeds Market and we are reinforcing the Colossus punch bag for you to take your frustrations out on. And there is plenty to be angry about at the moment. But if ever there was a time to share space and time with people rather than venting in 140 characters….to reconnect to people’s humanity, it is most definitely now. The project feels urgent.

I have also realised that my love affair with a Victorian Funfair aesthetic goes back a long way. My dress sense hasn’t changed either.


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