11th July 2013

Two Shires Ghost Walk

You can follow the journey in pictures as you read by going to FlickrToday my mother took me on a walk around Oxford.Except my mother died twelve years ago and I was in Leeds. Whilst sorting through endless boxes of my mothers papers a few years ago I stumbled across a walking tour she had written, perhaps for friends of our family visiting Oxford. I don’t know and can’t ask. I think it is a kind of ghost walk. I would like to do the walk in Oxford where I grew up but we are more mobile now and since

19th June 2013

Practising What I Preach

I have been making The Grief Series for 3 years now.Over those three years I have spoken to countless people: people who laugh at death because they still can’t believe it actually happens and people for whom it is an imminent reality. People tell me their stories. From every conceivable type of person there have been laughter and tears. Other people often ask if this is ‘heavy’ or whether I find it a burden to listen to all these stories of grief. I have rarely felt any sense of burden in listening to others. I find it humbling and also

4th June 2013

Making The Rage Receptacle

Ellie: Hello. Well Team Grief have been very busy. But now the dust has settled, the Rage Receptacle is tucked up safe, here is a belated blog originally posted on the West Yorkshire Playhouse Website. You can also see some articles about the Rage Receptacle by clicking the links belowExeunt MagazineVideo from WYPA younger Theatre articleOn play, plays and collaborationA performance artist, a sculptor and an architectural designer walk in to a theatre. This is not a joke. This is our process.Collaboration. It is a word we love using in the arts community. But what does it mean to collaborate

14th December 2012

Bill On What Is Left?

Bill: What is Left, for me, was a powerful and emotionally engaging exhibition. Interestingly, for me, this a part of the Grief Series that I have not had too much contact with, so going along to the exhibition I was not too sure of what to expect, how it would be formatted and what the atmosphere would be like.On entering the gallery I was taken by the amount of people that were totally engrossed and engaged with the artwork. Each of the ‘portraits’ consist of four elements: the photograph, the audio interview, a transcript booklet and a seat. The concept

14th December 2012

Holding On And Letting Go

Holding on and letting go… and borrowing thingsI am a hoarder. And whilst I am often embarrassed by it, I love to own things and have those things around me. I am currently collaborating with photographer Roshana Rubin-Mayhew. As we work it becomes clear how different my feelings about photographs are to hers. It is about the present moment for her, about the taking of photographs rather than the having them. If she is engaging with something or someone in a particularly meaningful way, taking a photograph adds another dimension to her engagement with it or them at that moment.As

15th October 2012

On Anger

Bill Roberts: I have been working with Ellie for the last few months researching into all things grief related that have amounted to the project so far. We are currently developing the final phase of part three, What is Left? and beginning to think about phase four, which focuses on anger. There might be punchbags, there might be rap music, there might be heavy metal (in an engineering sense!).Using anger as a starting point we have decided that in depth research into anger management and conflict resolution will be important for the devising process. I have began looking at the

31st May 2012

On Grief, Time And Old Films

I was listening to a programme on radio 4 and they were talking about romance in the movies. In the 30’s and 40’s every film had a love story and ended with a romantic kiss as the credits roll. The audience had waited two, maybe three hours to see this kiss. But then sex came in to it and once the characters could have sex then romance went out of the window. Why waste valuable screen time with romance when the audience are more interested in where it is going. It resonated with me. And increasingly I feel that the